3 Ways to jumpstart your New Year's natural hair goals for your little one

3 Ways to jumpstart your New Year's natural hair goals for your little one

2021 is coming to a close and we're counting down the days to the new year. Most of us are currently writing down a list of what we would like to accomplish for the new year. On that list we often have the same hair goals, maintaining healthy hair and retaining hair length for ourselves and our little ones. If you've missed the mark this previous year we have three ways to get ahead of the game and jumpstart you New Year's hair goals for both you and your little one.

1. Plan out your hair routine. 

Begin by writing down the goal you would like to accomplish, then plan it out. First choose a day of the week that works for your family. Next, establish a wash day routine by selecting the products best for your little one. Our I want It All Whole Collection Kit  are the perfect products for toddlers and up. For infants 2 months and up, we suggest starting out with our Infant Collection Kit.


2. Choose a protective style.

Lets give their a hair a break from the daily brushing and pulling by selecting a protective style that'll last, or one that can be easily refreshed once a week. For example, braids and twists are a great way to protect their hair this winter. 

* HAIR TIP: Use our Moisturizing Aloe Refresher Spray to add moisture to your scalp and seal in the moisture with our Mango Butter Soufflé


3. Say goodbye to damaged ends!

We know that cutting their hair seems like a setback, but its best to get ahead of the damage. Holding onto their length is important, but is it worth it if it's damaged? Not really! For example, split ends aren't much of a threat when you catch them early and trim them, but if you do not cut them you leave your hair prone to dryness, breakage, and frizz. Even worse, their hair can split all the way up to the root. 

Follow these 3 tips above and we're sure that you'll be on your way to achieving your healthy hair goals for the New Year!

Speaking of things that are new, have you noticed all things new around here? We recently collaborated with RDesigns Studio for our new look for our labels and logo! Comment below to let us know how like them!



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