4 Reagan Sanai Products for Loc Maintenance

4 Reagan Sanai Products for Loc Maintenance

While locs are a low-maintenance style, they still require a bit of maintenance and hair care so they can grow healthy and strong. In this article, you'll be learning about the best Reagan Sanai products to use for beautiful healthy locs.

1. Moisturizing Black Soap Shampoo

Like every other natural hairstyle, dirt and sweat can cause build-up. It can also cause your locs to have an unpleasant smell or lead to a dry or itchy scalp. Your locs and scalp can be washed and cleansed using the Moisturizing Black Soap Shampoo. Cleansing your scalp with the Moisturizing Black Soap Shampoo will help to prevent product build-up, a dry or itchy scalp, encourage hair growth, and restore the shiny look of your locs.

2.  Avocado & Banana Deep Conditioner

Avocado & Banana Deep Conditioner has a thick consistency, but no worries, it won't cause any product build-up on your locs. Our Avocado & Banana Deep Conditioner will help to strenghten, restore moisture, increase shine, and encourage hair growth. It's a great natural and organic deep conditioner to use once your locs are fully matured.

3.   Nourishing Growth Oil

Apply the Nourishing Growth Oil to your scalp and locs. We love to apply the Nourishing Growth Oil on top of the Avocado & Banana Deep Conditioner, to do a hot oil treatment at the same time. Give your scalp a very good massage with the Nourishing Growth Oil. Sit under the hair steamer for about 15-20 mins. This tip is essential for preventing dryness and hydrating your locs!

4. Moisturizing Aloe Refresher Spray

The Moisturizing Aloe Refresher Spray can be applied to your scalp and locs to keep them moisturized throughout the week.

Did you know our products work amazing for locs? Comment below to let us know if you tried Reagan Sanai products for you or your child's locs.

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