The Importance of Clarifying your Child’s Natural Hair

The Importance of Clarifying your Child’s Natural Hair

Have you noticed your child's hair lifeless and looking dull and feeling dry? Are you not seeing their curls pop and you may be noticing that products are just sitting on top of the hair? It may be time to clarify your child's hair.

Why You Should Clarify

One of the major factors of your child’s natural journey is cleansing. In between the many hairstyles, butters, and gels your child’s hair needs a reset button. Clarifying is that reset. Over time the heavy butters and oils will cause buildup in your child's hair. Buildup is not removed with a regular moisturizing shampoo, a clarifying shampoo is needed. 

We know you may have heard that clarifying strips the hair and is bad, but drop that myth! Clarifying shampoos are also needed. The only way to remove the buildup is to do a clarifying shampoo treatment. Clarifying shampoos are different from regular shampoos, in that they provide a deep clean to remove all residue, dirt and product build up. Moisturizing shampoos focus on moisturizing the hair, which is the reason they’re better to use daily if needed.  As much as we all love moisture it is important to get a clean slate for your child’s hair. Many experts recommend clarifying once a month.

When Should You Clarify?

Many experts recommend clarifying at least once a month. We recommend waiting until your child is at least one years old for clarifying. 

There are a few signs that it is time to clarify your child's hair. First pay attention to the look of the hair, if your child’s hair seems lifeless or dull it's time to clarify. Next take note of how well the products are being absorbed in your child's hair. If the products seem to sit on top of the hair, this a sign of product build up and it may be time to clarify. Clarifying your child's hair will help with the ability for the hair to absorb moisture. By eliminating build up the hair can absorb moisture better as a clean slate especially when trying any new product line. 

How To Clarify Your Childs Hair

There are tons of great clarifying shampoos on the market. We recommend Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo with Peppermint, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Botanicals. Then follow up washing with our moisturizing black soap shampoo

TIP: Make sure to always clarify your child’s hair before using Reagan Sanai “I Want It All Whole Collection Kit”. Clarifying first will really help to start with a clean slate, and allow your new products to penetrate the hair shaft much better. 

If you have any questions on clarifying please let us know. We hope this post helps!





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