4 Benefits of Pre-Pooing Your Child’s Hair

4 Benefits of Pre-Pooing Your Child’s Hair

Has your child’s hair been dry lately? Have you noticed it’s lacking moisture? It may be time to incorporate a pre-poo into your child’s hair care regimen. Never heard of a pre-poo? No worries, we’ve got you covered.

What is a Pre-Poo?

A pre-poo is an oil or treatment that is applied to the hair prior to shampooing or conditioning.  You can do a pre-poo prior to washing your child’s hair, or you can leave the treatment in overnight if you prefer. When using a pre-poo prior to washing your child’s hair, make sure you let the treatment sit on your child’s hair for about 15-30 minutes. 

Here are 4 benefits of pre-pooing your child's hair.

Helps with detangling

The detangling process is one of the main reasons why wash day is dreaded by children and parents. If your child has tighter curls or coils, detangling can be a process. When you add a pre-poo treatment to the hair, it gives the slip that you need to gently remove tangles before the shampoo session.

Helps to add moisture to the hair

Incorporating a pre-poo into your child’s hair care regimen will help to balance and restore the moisture levels in your child’s hair. Everyone with natural hair struggles with moisture and this is one way to ensure that you keep your child’s strands moisturized.

Makes hair more manageable

A pre-poo treatment will help to soften your child’s hair making the detangling process easier. The more manageable the hair is, there are fewer chances of causing breakage when styling. 

Prepares the hair for the shampoo process

Any type of manipulation to the hair has the potential to cause breakage. The wash day process can put your child’s hair through a lot. A pre-poo treatment will help to prepare your child’s hair for further manipulation during the shampoo process. A pre-poo is essentially pre-conditioning your child’s hair strands 

Pro Tip: Make sure you try our Growth Oil on your next wash day as your pre-poo treatment. Apply the oil to your child’s hair and let It sit for up to 30 minutes with a cap. Then proceed to wash your child’s hair.

If you find that your child’s hair is not retaining length and that their hair feels dry and hard to manage and detangle, try a pre-poo on the next wash day!  

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