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Reagan Sanai's Natural Hair Essentials

Reagan Sanai Natural Hair Essentials, LLC is a labor of love. My two-year-old daughter has beautiful hair that is naturally fine and curly. Finding hair products that worked with her hair without irritating her skin or leaving her hair dry and brittle was an epic struggle. I wasted time and money trying every possible product with no avail. I did a lot of research to find what could restore moisture to her hair and still leave it manageable. I took knowledge from my years of experience in the healthcare industry, and sought out the best natural alternatives to maintaining healthy hair. The result of that effort was Reagan Sanai Natural Hair Essentials. My goal is to help parents learn about the importance of a healthy hair regimen for their kids, and to deliver great products to help them do just that.

Quality hair care and growth management to natural hair can be a process. Everything introduced to your hair should aid in that process. All Reagan Sanai Natural Hair Essentials are made from pure natural ingredients. Each batch is handmade, bringing you a supreme quality product, with all natural and organic botanicals. All products are formulated to work on all types of hair; from fine to coarse, curly to straight. With the fragrant formulas and all-natural ingredients, you may find that you love using these products as much as your children do. I invite you to try Reagan Sanai Natural Hair Essentials to give your little ones beautiful hair, delivered with love from my family to yours.

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