How to Apply a Hot Oil Treatment

How to Apply a Hot Oil Treatment

From styling, to washing, detangling, and weather changes your child's hair goes through a lot. Its important to keep their hair manageable and healthy. It's no secret that we love a hot oil treatment using our Nourishing Growth Oil and Avocado and Banana Deep Conditioner. Whether your child has dry or damaged hair, you will love the feeling and look of your child's hair after a hot oil treatment. 


What are the benefits of a hot oil treatment? 

There are many benefits of a hot oil treatment. Some benefits are:

  • Reduced dryness & dandruff
  • Strengthens brittle hair
  • Adds shine to hair
  • Helps prevent split ends
  • Helps to increase blood circulation to the scalp



After learning how to apply and the benefits of a hot oil treatment, will you add this step to your child's hair regimen? 


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Thank you I have never a hot oil treatment before now I know what to do thank you


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