The Difference Between Breakage and Shedding

The Difference Between Breakage and Shedding

Did you know that it is normal that on average to lose 50 to 100 hair strands per day? Shedding is a normal part of the hair cycle so don't be concerned if you notice that your child’s hair is shedding. Many people get hair loss and shedding mixed up. Hair loss and breakage are common but are very different from one another. We will explain the difference between the two and provide some tips to help you keep your child’s hair healthy and thriving. 

What Is Hair Loss/Shedding?

Hair loss is also referred to as shedding or hair fall and this occurs at the root. When your child’s hair has been in a style for longer than a few days, you may notice that quite a bit of hair comes out when you take the style down. This is normal since your hair shed every day. What you see when you take the style down is an accumulation of the hair that has shed over time.

What Is Breakage?

Breakage is much different than shedding. Breakage happens when the hair is damaged. Breakage can be caused by over-manipulation of the hair, dryness, and excessive or improper detangling, and heat styling. All of these can cause the hair to break.

What Can You Do About Breakage?

Moisture is key! Also making sure that your child is drinking lots of water is important to keep the hair moisturized. Make sure you are using a leave-in conditioner like our Moisturizing Leave-In Detangler, followed by one of our Growth Oil to seal in moisture. 



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