The Do’s and Dont’s of Detangling Your Child’s Natural Hair

The Do’s and Dont’s of Detangling Your Child’s Natural Hair

Detangling a child’s naturally curly hair can be a very time consuming, difficult, and sometimes painful part of your child’s hair care routine. Many of our parents struggle with detangling and have expressed wanting to learn more about proper detangling tips for their child. Detangling is a very important step in your child’s hair care regimen to keep their curls healthy. Here are some detangling DO’S and DON’T’S that will make the detangling process easier for you and your child. We hope these tips will help.

    • DO - Be gentle and reassuring to your child. Detangling can take time so plan for it.  Get books, toys, or your child's favorite show ready on the iPad.
    • DO – Start with wet hair. Always detangle your child’s hair while it’s wet, never dry.  Spray hair with a gentle detangler such as our refresher spray or moisturizing leave-in detangler. Work in sections to gently loosen the tangles.
    • DON’T – Pull or stretch your child’s hair too much, especially when wet. This can lead to cuticle damage which can cause breakage and single strand knots.
    • DO – Start from the ends. 
Detangle your child’s hair starting with ends and work your way up to the root.  
    • DON’T – Comb from the root down. Combing from top to can be painful for your child. Remember curly hair is often more dense at the root. 
    • DO - braid or the hair after you detangle.  After the hard work of detangling each section, secure hair in place so that it doesn’t fall back into the un-detangled hair.  

If you have any questions on detangling please let us know. We hope these tips help!

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