Reagan Sanai Natural Hair Essentials New Products Alert

Reagan Sanai Natural Hair Essentials New Products Alert

 Reagan Sanai New Products

We've been receiving you guys' comments on social media and your messages and we know you all have been patiently waiting for us to release our Avocado & Banana Deep Conditioner, and trust, we’ve been doing our best to get it to you. We’ve been keeping you all up to date with the process and we are proud to announce that it’s finally here! Oh, and guess what? We have two additional products to introduce as well.


If you’re just now hearing about Reagan Sanai Natural Hair Essentials, you probably don’t have a clue what we’re talking about. That’s okay, we’ll bring you up to speed on all the products we’re releasing. Check them all out below.


Avocado & Banana Nourishing Deep Conditioner

This product is the one that you’ve all been waiting for. The Avocado & Banana Deep Conditioner is sure to strengthen and soften the hair as well as encourage hair growth. This product includes our very own special blend of banana, avocado, coconut milk and certified organic honey which allows for deep penetration of the hair strands leaving you with pillow soft tresses. The conditioner is highly absorbent. It smooths dry strands with a nutrient-rich fortifying formula. Our rich blends are high in potassium; which helps to strengthen, moisturize, and provide fatty acids to help resist breakage. 


Moisturizing Leave-in Detangler

Our Moisturizing Leave-in Detangler is an amazing step to add to your regimen before styling the hair. Infused with Kiwi oil, cucumber, and marshmallow extracts, it instantly softens the hair. This product has an amazing “slip” affect to it which makes detangling the hair a much smoother process. This of course, minimizes hair loss/shedding. It’s also amazing because it promotes hair growth due to the cucumber extract which contains vitamins A & C. Another benefit is that the kiwi oil soothes dry scalp, dandruff, and scalp eczema.


Nourishing Growth Oil

Our Nourishing Growth Oil is like no other growth oil out there. It’s designed to penetrate the scalp, stimulate hair growth, and reduce dry scalp for longer, thicker, and healthier hair. We’ve enriched this product using horsetail powder, which is a silica herb that works to both strengthen your hair and improve sheen and texture. This lightweight nutrient rich oil is gentle enough for daily use or to use during protective styling to keep your hair and scalp healthy.


We’re very excited to be releasing all three of these new products and we’re even more excited to hear some of the great feedback that we know you guys will have for us. Here at Reagan Sanai Natural Hair Essentials, we take great pride in creating products that are great for our consumers. As you can see, we use only the best ingredients in each of our products. The integrity of each and every item that we make is important to us.


In addition to adding these three new products to our line of awesomeness, we’re also bringing them to you at a discounted rate from Thursday until Monday! So, what are you waiting for? Grab your bundle deal now with the Whole Collection Set and/or the I Want It All Set and have your products in time to join us for the 90-day Protective Style Challenge!

Click here to shop these products.

If you haven’t signed up yet, there’s still time to do so. Just sign up with your email on our home page and that's it! Click here to join the challenge.


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