Combat Dryness LCO Collection Kit

Combat Dryness LCO Collection Kit

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Are you tired of your little ones hair always being extremely dry? Looking for a hair routine for a child with dry hair or sensitive scalp? Don’t fret, we understand! That’s why we put together our LCO Collection Kit to help you combat your child’s dry hair and skin. What is the LCO Method? It's simply layering products on your hair in a particular order (Liquid/Leave-In(We Do Both), Cream, Oil to grow beautiful healthy hair.

Try these 3 Simple Steps:

Step 1- LIQUID/LEAVE-IN (L)Lightly dampen the hair with "Moisturizing Aloe Hair Mist" to moisturize your hair. Then apply a small amount of "Moisturizing Leave-in Detangler".

Step 2- CREAM (C): Apply a small amount of Mango Butter/ Shea Butter Souffle to seal in the moisture from the hair mist and leave-in conditioner.

Step 3- OIL (O) : Apply a small amount of "Nourishing Growth Oil" to hair & scalp to promote shiny healthy hair.

LCO Collection Kit Contains:
Moisturizing Aloe Hair Mist
Moisturizing Leave-in Detangler 
Nourishing Growth Oil
Choice of Mango Butter/Shea Butter Souffle 4 oz/8 oz size 

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